• Frederic Peyrot

Worth Your Investment

There are things that are worth investing in and things that aren’t.

Something is worth your investment if you use it repetitively and/or over a long period of time. That includes things like your bed, your shoes, your smartphone.

I do count one-off experiences as things procuring long-time memories (hopefully good ones).

However, things that are only used occasionally don’t necessitate that same investment.

Thinking of the value per unit of time, these could become too expensive.

Following that principle, in a company it is worth investing in: your people, your IT equipment (provided you use it a large part of the day), your desks and chairs.

Things that aren’t worth your money include: secondary furnitures, expensive coffee beans, monthly subscriptions to services/products you use occasionally, business trips to far away conferences (unless you’re presenting), expensive employee smartphones (if 90% of what they do is calling), etc.

Corollary: it can be extremely expensive to cut costs on things that you should be investing in.

long term value

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