• Frederic Peyrot

Work that matters

Updated: Feb 2

How much time do you spend on things that really matter? A few years ago, Accenture ran a survey showing that managers were spending more than half of their time on admin tasks. Another 30% was used to organize the work, solving problems and collaborating. In the end only 17% was left to do actual work that mattered.

how managers spend their time

As companies grow bigger, their process and compliance inflates like a balloon, up to the point where people spend most of their time managing the work and doing reporting. Those two activities are not generating any value. They may be necessary to keep the organization running but they do not improve your customer’s satisfaction.

The good news is that computers are getting better at taking over admin tasks. This should free time for managers, time that can be reallocated to more productive activities. However, companies will have to decide what to do with this extra time.

Organization that will succeed will be the one whose leaders and staff reallocate most of their time on doing work that matters. That is:

  • Thinking about how to improve the company’s product or service

  • Thinking about how to improve their customer’s experience

  • Developing new collaborations and partnerships to enrich their offer or expand to new market

  • Talking to customers to be more empathetic about their true needs

  • Leading teams to develop their skills, knowledge and boost their engagement

Companies who will lag behind will the be the one:

  • Creating new processes for expense reimbursement to eliminate the marginal cheaters

  • Having more than 15 hours of meetings per week

  • Enforcing weekly reporting to all their staff to make sure nobody is slacking

  • Asking their people to fill out a timesheet on a daily basis

  • Getting confused between making powerpoint presentations and doing work that matters

You can start changing things by simply asking you this simple question: How much time do you spend on doing work which has a direct positive impact on your customers?


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