• Frederic Peyrot

When to Launch

Having worked on many software products from zero-to-launch, I know the crippling feeling companies have to release a new product. It seems never to be ready enough.

The feeling is natural. Companies don’t want to blow their chance releasing a half backed product since potential users are unlikely to give it a second chance if unpleased.

So companies end up polishing their application, adding more features to be on par with the competition, customize user flows to make sure it can cater to every user type etc. But this is a never ending road, which can postpone that launch indefinitely.

To know what to build next is to understand what users find missing. And the only way to know that is by putting your product into the hands of those you want to serve. If only just a few of them. The more you delay that moment, the more you deprive yourself from that critically valuable information.

So when should you launch?

Whenever what you offer is better than the status quo, even if just slightly (aka what your target users are currently using.)

And more often than not, beating the status quo usually doesn't require that extra feature.

product launch

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