• Frederic Peyrot

When Friction Adds Value

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Can More Steps be Better?

The answer is yes. Most products are now following the heuristic that fewer clicks (to achieve a particular action) is better.

But not for Japanese services, and rightly so.

Most Japanese services (website, apps) have an additional confirmation page before sending any data / confirming any order. On that page, no fields are editable, and if the user notices something that requires to be edited, they must go back to the previous screen.

That's an extra screen, that's an extra step, and that's an extra friction. But that's fine. Because that's what users want: "to make sure data to be sent is error-free".

The typical user in Japan is risk averse and wants to proceed with caution.

Adding this extra step doesn't lower usability. It adds value.

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