• Frederic Peyrot

Three Interviewers

You have three types of interviewers.

The first one focuses on performance

The second one focuses on culture fit

The third one focuses on credentials

The first one wants you to bring value to the company

The second one wants you to stay at the company

The third one wants to avoid making mistakes when hiring

The first one asks you: "tell me how you solved this problem in the past"

The second one asks you: "tell me what motivates you at work"

The third one asks you to read out your resume

The first one cares about what you can deliver

The second one cares about you as an individual

The third one cares about where you come from

The first one looks at the future

The second one looks at the present

The third one looks at the past

The first one might be American, the second one French and the third one Japanese.

They probably all have a point. But they also probably believe that their way is superior.

However, instead of choosing one way, combining points of views might be a better strategy.

Just like when looking at a physical object, observing at it from the front or from the back can be very different. But knowing both gives you a much richer understanding.

Similarly, looking at someone from various angles will give you more perspective and your decision will end up being more robust to errors.

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