• Frederic Peyrot

Thoughtful Marketing

Updated: Jan 27

Nowadays, people call marketing a great many things. Sometimes they refer to selling, some other times to market research, more and more though they refer to growth via online means. We now talk about growth hackers or digital specialists.

But what do they all do? Pretty much the same thing… They pay expensive PR firms, they post ads on Facebook or Google, they pay unqualified interns to produce meaningless articles with titles like “The 10 best things to...” or “5 ways to...”, they try to “hack” their way to your screen and wallet. But since everybody is playing the same game, it creates a rat race where everyone is trying to be louder than the crowd.

This may catch clicks in the short run. However it’s a losing game in the long run. Marketing’s essence is not about fast growth or clicks. It’s about caring for people you want to serve. Or to borrow Derek Sivers’ words: “Marketing just means being considerate”.

Marketing is about getting to really know your audience.

Marketing is about creating deep connections, not many.

Marketing is about making your people feel that you listen to and care for them.

Marketing is about being authentic, about being you, rather than trying to project an image of how you’d like to be perceived.

Believe me, since almost nobody is doing it, people will notice if you do. If people love and trust you, they will be your best channel to spread the word about you.

But marketing requires creativity. It requires that you really think about who you are and what they like, so you can do something at the intersection that surprises them.

Good marketing often doesn’t scale. It requires you to pick up the phone and call your customer to check in how they’re doing and asking how you can serve them better.

If you keep doing the right thing, the growth you seek will come eventually.

As a leader, don’t rely solely on people with the title and consider yourself as the #1 marketer in your organization.

thoughtful marketing

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