• Frederic Peyrot

The Three-Times Rule

Do you happen to do the same tasks over and over?

For instance, you may be exporting data from a system to paste it into a spreadsheet.

Or you may be inputting some data from a document (say, a receipt, a CV, an invoice etc.) into a system.

Whatever that is, if you see yourself doing the same repetitive thing day after day, then you probably shouldn’t.

I usually use the Rule of Three. If I do the same task three times, I consider automating it.

The first time is about discovery, trying to figure out an efficient way to get a certain output. The second time is about perfecting what hasn’t worked out the first time.

After that though, there is a very low return on keeping doing the same thing manually.

By then, you probably can describe that task with a series of steps, with conditions like:

“IF this THEN that.”

What can be described can be taught. And what can be taught can be automated.

If you don’t want to become obsolete and be replaced by robots, you should avoid behaving like one.


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