• Frederic Peyrot

Side Jobs

Updated: Mar 30

Is it okay for your employees to have side jobs?

Most companies would not allow it. And even when they do, employees themselves feel uneasy working outside their main employment, preferring keeping those side gigs under the radar.

There is this taboo about the company fearing their employees spending too much time on work outside their main duty. But while there will always be cheaters, companies must remember that punishing the few abusers is often more costly than encouraging the vast majority with good intentions.

So I just wanted to share ten good reasons why employers should let, if not encourage, their employees, working on outside projects and jobs:

1- Because trust is mutual. But you must show yours first before your employees can give you theirs in return.

2- Because they will build skills that will be valuable to your company.

3- Because you won’t have to invest as much in training (or hiring).

4- Because if they can make more money outside, they will be less demanding internally, and have less reasons to leave your company for financial reasons.

5- Because they will create valuable connections and this network will ultimately serve your company.

6- Because they will talk about your company and thus will spread your brand.

7- Because that’s a benefit, and if your company doesn't offer it, some other companies will.

8- Because you’re probably doing it too.

9- Because if they are meant to leave your company, that will only make the process faster and save you troubles and money.

10- Because this is where the economy is going anyway, so you’d rather prepare for it.

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