• Frederic Peyrot

Price Your Meetings

Meetings are neither good nor bad. They are just a method to achieve a particular objective by gathering people in a room.

Meetings can be extremely useful, especially when talking about difficult subject matters, when requiring tact or high communication skills, or when involving interactions with objects or visuals. But meetings can also be an excuse to get busy instead of doing actual productive work.

So here is a fun game for organizations to surface the hidden cost of meetings: "Pricing your meetings".

Multiply the average hourly salary of the attendees by the number of attendees by the meeting duration. Add another 33% to account for other charges the company has to pay on top of salaries.

And here you are: 3 staffs and 2 managers in a room, whose average salary is ¥10M talking over two hours will cost the company about ¥70,000 (considering 160 work hours per month). Do this twice a week, and it will amount to ¥550,000 per month or ¥6.6M per year.

Now you better be sure to make each minute count.

Cost of Meetings

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