• Frederic Peyrot

Naming Things

A name is like a pointer. It allows us to communicate about things with others, to understand what they are and to be understood.

We put names (or titles) on:

  • Jobs

  • Files

  • Brands

  • Products

  • Articles

  • etc.

We name things for various reasons.

Because we want to be able to find them easily.

Because we want others to be able to find them easily.

Because we want to remember what they are.

Because we want others to understand what they are.

Because we want to project a certain image of what they represent.

Whenever you name something, remember what a title is for. It is not something that necessarily sounds good. It serves a purpose.

Good names (or titles):

  • Need no explanation

  • Need not to be spelled out

  • Can be remembered easily

  • Project the right characteristics and emotions

Corollary: if you or your collaborators can’t find, can’t remember, or need to spell out something, it is probably a sign of poor naming.

Giving good names to things shows you care about your work and those you want to serve or collaborate with.


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