• Frederic Peyrot

More Data

Is it actionable? If not, you probably should not care.

Leaders want to know more about their organization. But more information has a cost.

It distracts.

It takes some mental space away from the more important things.

There is only so much mental space one can allocate to work everyday. So if the mind is cluttered with too much stuff, it doesn’t have necessary space to think deeply or to be creative.

What’s important is what has an impact and can influence your action. If it does neither, then holding that piece of information is useless.

The best way to filter the “important” from the noise is to plan in advance your actions based on the final outcome.

If A happens, I’ll do X.

If B happens, I’ll do Y.

However, if your actions are not linked to the outcome, then you shouldn’t bother looking for that information in the first place.

Now, simply because we can, leaders have been asking for more data. But more data can actually be detrimental. Asking for more is lazy. It’s a shortcut for not doing the work to define what’s important from what’s not.

It takes effort to choose what you need to focus on. And it takes courage to commit on actions you’ll take before the data is revealed.

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