• Frederic Peyrot


Updated: Apr 6

Playing one instrument for ten thousand hours is very different than playing ten instruments for a thousand hours each.

With the former, you will have a disproportionately positive outcome (including but not limited to the pleasure of reaching mastery, recognition etc.).

Focus is what brings disproportionate outcomes.

In the same way:

You should focus heavily on One target audience rather than having a confusing message across ten different segments.

You should focus on One marketing channel, and be really good at it, instead of spreading your marketing efforts across multiple channels where you’ll still be part of the noise.

You should focus on marking your product incredibly valuable and delightful to use, rather than launching many with no strong competitive advantage.

You should focus on making your people love what they do at work, before starting to hire new members.

In any endeavor, mastery comes before expansion.


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