• Frederic Peyrot

I Want To Do Tech

“I want to do tech”. I have heard a lot of non-tech companies who want to “do tech”.

They want to do it because they believe that tech will be everywhere and that without it they will probably die, unable to compete. That’s a good reason and probably a smart choice.

Others want to do tech because this is what can make money, or at least get some attention to attract investment. That’s not so much a good reason.

Doing tech for the sake of being “in tech” is not the point. The point is to understand what you want to achieve.

You don’t first declare that you want to start a business and then consider what that business might be. Instead, you first find a few people who want to pay for what you have to offer, and only then you’re in business.

In exactly the same way, you don’t first declare you want to do tech and then try to find what product to build. You first need to define what value you want to offer to some specific people and then you see if there is a solution to it. That solution might involve tech, but not necessarily.

Technology is a tool, not an end in itself. And if you focus on the tool, you’re unlikely to generate much value.

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