• Frederic Peyrot

Business Wuwei

Updated: Mar 16

Wuwei is a Taoist concept that emerged in China around 400 B.C. It is written: 無為 which literally translates into “Not Doing” but whose actual meaning would be closer to “Non interference” (since one may still take actions).

The point is that your actions should not go against the course of things, but rather should embrace the happening and take advantage of it.

This fundamental principle can be found in many Eastern disciplines. Just like in Japanese Judo, or aikido. In these two Japanese martial arts, you use your opponent’s strength against them to make them fall.

In Wuwei, you do not use force against force. You do not try to fight things you don’t have any control upon. Rather you accept those as facts and take the best out of that situation.

In Business, Wuwei can also have a great many applications.

Resisting the course of things is what let Kodak succumb against digital photography, Music majors against online music platforms, and Hollywood against Netflix.

As a business you must take your environment as a fact, and seize opportunities in circumstances happening to you. That often means reconsidering your plans, and what you deemed to be true.


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