• Frederic Peyrot


Authenticity is getting more valuable. It is valuable precisely because it has become more rare. Most of the things and people around us are (partly) inauthentic.

As people, we project an image of ourselves that is not accurate. We call ourselves an entrepreneur, a public speaker, a writer etc. while we only dedicate a fraction of our time to those activities, if at all.

As brands, we say we are the #1 in a market when in fact we have no such data.

As products, we say we leverage technologies like AI when in fact, we only use standard algorithms.

As a business, we talk about the many large clients working with us, when in fact we either haven’t got any or haven’t worked with them in months.

As an HR, we share expensive videos of our company caring for equality and respect of our employees while can sleep tight letting them work until 11pm and on weekends.

As a leader, we share Forbes articles on what good leadership is, while we would be scared to death asking to be evaluated (anonymously) by our own staff.

We lie to others on socials, because that’s part of the social game we take part of. But more importantly, we lie to ourselves in the process.

In this game, there are two ways to compete. Either your lie must be bigger than the others’s lie. Or you can as well break the pattern and decide to be authentic.

Authenticity is about knowing who you really are.

Authenticity is about being vulnerable, accepting you have flaws and that you’re not the best.

But it is also about understanding what makes you unique and interesting.

Authenticity resonates with others because it feels real.

Authenticity can have a true value because people can relate to it and in turn will give you their trust.

But authenticity takes time to take roots. There is no hack or shortcut. It is a long game, which most of us unfortunately have decided to not take part of. Maybe until today?


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